Paverpol is a product that hardens all natural textiles and products so your creations can sit outdoors year round. 

In just one day you will amaze yourself with the beauty you can create at our class using Paverpol.

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Paverpol Sculptures

Paverpol Sculptures

Classes are Available

Everyone is welcome to attend classes.

Thursday evenings are the 2 hour class.

This is a perfect way to get to know Paverpol.

Saturdays are the beginner class 11 a.m. 

 till 5 p.m.

To make things easy you can just show up because I have kits with everything you will need for the classes available for purchase.

I also have kits available for you to purchase to go home with so you can begin creating at home.

Coming Soon - Online Store

My sculptures are all for sale.

Shortly I will set up an online store for

Paverpol products  and my sculptures.

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